ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK/IVO-Kongress 2022: Seminars in Englisch

The IVO Congress 2022 on October 14-15, 2022 in Cologne will also have many features in store for international visitors. In addition to the multilingual congress program, several seminars will also be offered in English.

ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK; International Trade Fair with Congress, will be held together with the IVO Congress this year. It offers visitors interested in foot care probably the best comprehensive overview of this market. All major manufacturers and suppliers will present their offerings at the show.
At the congress, all presentations can be listened to in German, English and French. It will also be possible to participate in the discussions on the presentations in these languages.
In addition, there will be several seminars in English covering a wide range of topics, also providing opportunities for exchanging ideas among colleagues.

The Seminars in English language:

Orthopedic Footwear Modifications – biomechanics meet practical application

Many foot problems can be treated with foot orthotics and suitable shoes. However, sometimes it is also necessary to change the biomechanics of the shoes to achieve the desired result. In the seminar, the basic principles of shoe modifications will be explained and what effect different changes to the sole of the shoe have on the gait pattern and the load on the foot. (Speaker: Thomas Stief)

Custom orthotic shoes: More than just shoes!

Orthopedic custom shoes are often still seen as a special version of normal shoes or as a cover for orthotics, which are worn on the foot as an assistive device. The seminar introduces orthopedic custom shoes as a versatile device for severe foot problems and shows that a custom shoe is itself an orthotic that provides the foot with the necessary correction or support. (Speaker: Karl-Heinz Schott)

Training, Qualification, Recognition

Which models for training in pedorthics exist and how can they be adapted to the individual situation in a country? How can training and research be combined? Which strategies promise success in the pursuit of governmental recognition of the profession? These questions are in the focus of this international seminar, to which all are cordially invited who want to establish or further develop the profession of pedorthics in their country.
Experienced experts will report on strategies for creating training and on successful examples from practice. In various working groups within the seminar, there will be opportunities to discuss different issues with peers and to establish contacts for further collaboration and exchange.
(Speakers: Fred Holtkamp, Jessica Hohenschon, Karl-Heinz Schott)

Basics of Gait Analysis

For the treatment of foot problems, it is often useful to analyze the patient's gait pattern or running style. In the seminar, the basics of motion analysis will be explained. The focus will be on those parameters that are relevant for practical care.
(Speakers: Kelly Robb, Michael Ryan)

North American and European concepts of care compared.

Foot problems are similar around the world. The approach to care tends not to be. In this seminar, using a common foot problem as an example, there will be an opportunity to discuss similarities and differences in care with colleagues from different countries.
(Speaker: Michael Ryan)

The importance of neurophysiology in pedorthic care

This is presentation is intended to take a complex topic, such as neurophysiology in pedorthics, and simplify it for the attendees. The delivery of the presentation is an interview style, adding humor and simplistic language to a complex topic.
(Speakers: Kelly Robb, Michael Ryan)

Pressure distribution measurement in practice

Pressure distribution measurement under the foot plays an important role in the care of patients with diabetic foot syndrome. In patients who can no longer feel the pressure on their feet due to neuropathy, it can identify regions of the foot that are particularly at risk. In addition, it provides the orthopedic shoemaker with reliable information about the success of his work - if he uses the technique correctly. In this seminar, the general conditions for measurements in practice are explained and demonstrated, ensuring reproducible and comparable measurement results between two measurement appointments. Furthermore, the interpretation of the most important parameters will be introduced and the importance of limit values will be discussed. (Speaker: Axel Kalpen)

The complete congress program with all seminars will be available online soon. Then congress and seminars can be booked directly. All information about the congress and the trade fair for visitors and exhibitors can be found on the website www.OST-Messe.de