25 September 2019

Practical implementation of biomechanics in the field of orthopedic footwear

During the 4th ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK – International Trade Fair and Congress in Cologne in 2017, Thomas Stief, responsible for the biomechanics department at the University of Gießen, Germany, offered a workshop where biomechanics met practical implementation. He focused on a special and very common shoe modification: rocker soles.

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(Photo: Fontys)
23 August 2021

Scanning the foot with your hand

Four years ago, we reported for the first time on a Dutch research project to develop a glove equipped with sensors. This should make it possible to digitally map the tactile information that is recorded via the examiner's hand when taking measurements. A symposium was held this summer to present the current state of development.

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26 September 2019

Shoe lasts from scratch

From the Renaissance artist Michelangelo it is said that he only took away the superfluous marble in creating his world-famous David, so that the statue could come to light. He already saw the shape of the sculpture in his mind’s eye when only a marble block was standing in front of him. That is my thought when Franz Fischer puts a wooden log in my hand that is supposed to turn into a last according to my foot measures.

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