IVO | International Association for Orthopedic Footwear

The IVO promotes the international cooperation in the area of orthopaedic shoe technique. The IVO has, among others, the following tasks:

  • The organisation of international trade conferences, specialized exhibitions and competitions.
  • The promotion of professional contacts beyond the borders.
  • The common efforts toward a close cooperation with orthopaidists doctors, paramedical associations as well as with national and international institutions for the prevention and rehabilitation in the field of the orthopaedics.
  • The common efforts toward adjustment in the training and examinations systems and for a standardization of the profession.
  • The exchange of experience between the collaborators.
  • The promotion of the exchange of collaborators.
  • The taking of measures for the overcoming of the language barriers.
  • The establishment of contacts with professionals associations throughout the world.
  • The support of the third world in all questions of the supply of orthopaedic welfare and aids, and in particular the formation and continuing education and a suitable professional new generation.