The journal covers topics from the field of foot orthotics and is directed to foot specialists

The international journal for foot orthotics - foot&shoe - is a new, english journal for people manufacturing or prescribing orthopedic aids for the foot.

Founded as the English version of the journal “Orthopädieschuhtechnik” it now dedicates itself independently to all topics important for an optimal treatment of foot problems. Medical issues as well as strategies for the optimal production of aids are being presented and discussed there.

Especially the transfer of basic knowledge around the foot and shoe is emphasized. At the same time the journal views itself as a medium for the interchange of the international community of all those working in this area.

The foot orthotics magazine - foot&shoe - is published twice a year and distributed worldwide.

Upcoming issue  (August 2018)

  • How develop a training programm for pedorthics for south east Asia – Fred Holtkamp
  • 1917-2017: 100 years of pedorthics in Germany – Wolfgang Best                 
  • Sharp as knife (Part II) - Hartmut Seidich        
  • How to make a shoe-last from a block of wood – Wolfgang Best            
  • Smart Glove – A sensor equipped glove to collect 3D-Data from the foot - Fred Holtkamp     
  • Curing diabetic foot ulcers – a new approach – Annette Switala                
  • Regulations for the prescription of footwear as medical device - Daniel Petcu,  Viorica Rosҫulet  
  • Previews: ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK 2017, Cologne, IVO-Kongress 2018, Toronto