19 September 2019

Recent studies in shoe- and sports-research

How much toe allowance do children’s shoes need? A review by Annette Switala

How much toe allowance do children's shoes need? Do high heels cause musculosceletal changes? How reliable is the comfort assessment of athletes? These are the questions of recent studies summarized in the following reviews.

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25 September 2019

Recent studies on the diabetic foot syndrome

In line with a prospective study on the effectiveness of treatments with shoes as recurrence prophylaxis of neuropathic plantar pressure ulcers, different risk factor for ulcer recurrences should be examined, such as the extent of the foot deformity, the existence of calluses, the pressure load of the foot when walking barefoot and when walking in prescribed shoes, the daily walking distance and its variation as well as the actual wear period of the prescribed shoes.

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