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Are you interested in the foreign market and look for a competent contact person? With "foot & shoe", the English-language journal for the foot and shoe specialists, we connect you with the key partners and multipliers worldwide.

Features in brief

The journal »foot & shoe«

The journal of orthopaedic shoe technology is the only English specialized magazine for all professions working in foot and shoe treatments. The profession of orthopaedic shoe
technology is needed world-wide. In almost all developed industrial nations the percentage of
elderly rises and thus the demand for suitable footwear and help for foot problems. Also the
disease diabetes is known world-wide within different countries – not only in industrial nations.

The journal »foot & shoe« shows what this profession can do. It shows ways to establish training
and professional structures in order to turn it into a recognized profession. So far orthopaedic shoe
technology has not been well-known in many countries, as opposed to the profession prosthetist
and orthotist - P&O. The profession around foot and shoe requires special knowledge and skills.

The journal »foot & shoe«, specializing in orthopedic shoe technology, has the aim to advertise
German know-how and craftsmanship abroad and to offer an international platform for exchange
and at the same time for the related sciences.

As of 2015, »foot & shoe« introduces the acknowledged peer-review process for the section
SCIENCE as a means of quality assurance and pursues a listing in the corresponding data banks to
be scientifically quotable

The newsletter of »foot & shoe«
is published in cooperation with the IVO. It is destined to serve
the promotion of international cooperation in the field of orthopedic shoe technology and to
quickly carry into the world special knowledge and important news.
Target group: Pedorthists, orthopedic shoemakers, podiatrists and their staff, as well as
European and world-wide suppliers and trade companies. Furthermore all
professional groups dealing with the treatment and care of foot problems
all over the world.

Here are all important information about content, circulation and distribution: foot&shoe Ad Price List "Orthopädieschuhtechnik" Topics and Dates 2021

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