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03 May 2024

New scientific work on foot and shoe

How do feet and shoes interact, how does excess weight affect foot movement and how can we better understand the concept of the preferred movement path? The study references we have selected provide answers to these questions.

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23 August 2021

Scanning the foot with your hand

Four years ago, we reported for the first time on a Dutch research project to develop a glove equipped with sensors. This should make it possible to digitally map the tactile information that is recorded via the examiner's hand when taking measurements. A symposium was held this summer to present the current state of development.

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23 August 2021

Weight-bearing activity and plantar diabetic foot ulcers

Physical activity has a positive effect on health, also and especially in patients with diabetes. It becomes problematic when diabetic patients suffer from a plantar foot ulcer. How do you find the balance between necessary exercise and optimal wound healing? Science does not yet have clear answers to this according to a review of several studies on this topic.

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