New scientific work on foot and shoe

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How do feet and shoes interact, how does excess weight affect foot movement and how can we better understand the concept of the preferred movement path? The study references we have selected provide answers to these questions.

Gait Biomechanical Parameters Related to Falls in the Elderly: A Systematic Review

Several gait biomechanical parameters are associated with a history of falls. This study aimed to conduct a systematic review to identify and describe the gait biomechanical parameters related to falls in the elderly.

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Impact of Obesity on Foot Kinematics: Greater Arch Compression and Metatarsophalangeal Joint Dorsiflexion despite Similar Joint Coupling Ratios

This study investigates the sagittal plane dynamics of the foot, particularly the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint and medial longitudinal arch (MLA) movements, in relation to obesity and foot health.
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Advancing our ability to quantify an individual’s habitual motion path and deviation when running

The habitual motion path theory states that exhibiting kinematic differences between running and habitual movement tasks may increase the risk of running-related injury. The methodology advancement described in this manuscript focused on advancing habitual motion path theory research by (1) increasing the number of movements for quantifying an individual’s habitual motion path; and (2) utilising the entire stance phase when running to quantify deviations as opposed to one time point.

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Markerless motion capture provides accurate predictions of ground reaction forces across a range of movement tasks

 Measuring or estimating the forces acting on the human body during movement is critical for determining the biomechanical aspects relating to injury, disease and healthy ageing. This study shows that markerless motion capture can be used to predict ground reaction forces and therefore potentially assess movement kinetics with limited requirements for participant preparation.

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The footwear needs and preferences of adults over 55 years of age participating in court sports

Court sports like tennis are popular with older adults and important for maintaining physical

and mental health. Footwear can influence player experience and injury risk in sports. This study concludes that the athletic footwear industry could do more to improve player comfort and safety of older adults in court sports.

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Biomechanics and subjective measures of recreational male runners in three shoes running outdoors: a randomised crossover study

The study compared biomechanical and subjective data from outdoor running in habitual minimal and competition-shoes and explored relationships between comfort measures and the collected data.

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