The 16th IVO Japan congress in Fukuoka

(Photo: IVO Japan)

The 16th IVO Japan congress in Fukuoka was successfully held on 25 and 26 January with more than 240 participants.

The congress took place in one of the biggest cities in Japan at Fukuoka University Medical Hospital. The topic of the congress was ‘Recommendation of lifelong ambulation’. To indicate the topic, the congress president, Kazuma Takeuchi, invited many cooperating professionals such as medical doctors, nurses and pedorthists. At the congress, the speakers covered various foot-related issues like chirldren’s supply, foot problems in adults and patients with a diabetic foot syndrome.

The exhibition was held  in the congress venue at the same time. 20 national and international exhibitors presented the latest technologies in orthopedic shoe technology.

The next IVO-Japan congress will be held 2021 in Asakusa, Tokyo, a city famous for its shoe industry. A visiting tour to shoe producers is already planned for the day before the congress.