Johan Steenwyk – pioneer of CAD - First steps with a positive balance

First steps with a positive balance

In 1993 Steenwyk could already report about his first positive experience with new technologies. On the occasion of the IVO-congress of 1993, the first Vorum 3D-scanner was introduced and without hesitation transferred from the congress directly into Steenwyk's workshop. Half a year later he already made shoes for eight other companies in North America. Using the scan and CAD technology, he was able to work for faraway places. For the manufacturing of a custom-made shoe, Steenwyk received a plaster mould of the foot, a blueprint, photos of the foot and further information on the patient and of course data on the upper, colour and build of the shoe from his client. He poured out the plaster, scanned the mould and worked on the upper at the CAD, which then was milled.