Become a member of the foot&shoe correspondents network!

Our goal ist o present in this newsletter news from all over the world – therefore we are looking for people who want to work as correspondents in their countries and regions for us. Maybe that's just right for you?


What you have to do:
Keep eyes and ears open, what's happening in your country that could be of interest to international colleagues.
Report hints for new topics to the editors.
Send regularly short reports (random points are enough) on the topics shoes/insoles/diabetes/craft/honours/news from the associations… to the editors.
On request give the editors as far as possible contacts.

What you can do, if you like:
After consultation with the editors own texts for publication contribute (for a fee).

What we do for you:
We take you in the free distribution of foot&shoe (and Orthopädieschuhtechnik – if desired), so you get all future issues free of charge.
You are named in the imprint of foot&shoe.
The correspondent network will be presented on the website of foot&shoe.

Interested? Questions? Then apply or write an email to:
Kathrin Ernsting
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.