Out now: foot&shoe 2/2014

The second edition 2014 of the Journal foot&shoe is out now, and inside you’ll find 38 pages containing topical information.

Check out what’s inside…


• France: Acting on a high level in a restricted health system
• Assured quality by peer review?
• Conversation with the IVO
• Humane work • Cushioning: Soft is not always good
• What kind of shoe does the foot need?
• Workshop: Custom-made footwear after a tractor accident from years back
• Events
• Announcements of the Industry
• Talking with Philippe Kaeufling


Diabetes: Orthopedic custom-made footwear is effective – if worn
by Maximilian Spraul

How do loads and time of day effect the foot and the medial longitudinal arch?
Original Research Report
by Dominik Gräßle and Kai Heinrich