The diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) – An incisive and worldwide issue

by Ralf Lobmann

The Diabetic Foot Study Group is a scientific task force of the European Association for the Study of  Diabetes (EASD), in which global leading physicians and scientist meet and talk about the diabetic foot. The last congress, with 250 participants from 38 countries, took place in Stuttgart, Germany.  One Topic – also presented at  a press conference – were the global and regional peculiarities in care and treatment of the diabetic foot.


 The acting president Dr. Kristien Van Acker of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was talking about the international ambition to improve the care structure in her presentation “Train the Trainers Program” which is winning recognition in the east European countries. She was also informing about the current (global situation of the diabetic foot syndrome for) prevention and therapies in this area.

The Chairman of the Pan-African Diabetic Foot Study Group and the Chairman of IWGDF Africa, Dr. Zulfiqarali G. Abbas from Tansania reported about the specifics of the problem DFS in developing countries. Even in developing countries the diabetes rate is rising significantly and the problem of DFS is just as present as it is in the European countries.

Professor Dr. Ralf Lobmann, congress president and speaker for the AG Foot of the German Diabetes (“Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft (DDG)) and for the diabetic foot department at the clinical center Stuttgart spoke about the situation of care in Germany and especially about the results of structured and acknowledged facilities by the DDG for prevention of amputations (major-amputation rate of 3.1% vs. 15% in the general German setting).

All in all the participants were able to exchange their knowledge about the DFS internationally and widen it by listening to 99 presentations. Those can also be looked into at the homepage of the DFSG (

The Paul –Brand Award was awarded to the study group of Jonas Hedegaard Andersen from Denmark for the abstract: „Percutaneous Needle Flexor Tenotomy Of Hammer, Mallet And Claw Toes In The Diabetic Patient“. Dr. Dr. Klaus Kirketerp-Moeller from Denmark replaced Prof. Dr. R. Lobmann as chairman of the DSFG. Summing up, the congress can be seen as remarkable successful.

The next congress of the DFSG will take place from the 8th to the 10th of September 2017 in Porto, Portugal. (