OTWorld showed the way forward for the quality of care of tomorrow

21,300 visitors from 86 countries came to the Leipzig Fair and Exhibition Centre from May 3 to 6 2016 for the International Trade Show and World Congress for Technical Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation and Compression Therapy.One of the most important aims was to provide information about new products and current trends in the sector and to extend peoples knowledge, as well as offering participants orientation in the market and the opportunity to exchange experiences with their peers. One important aspect of the congress was quality of care. With 542 exhibitors and 330 speakers from all over the globe, OTworld confirmed its position as the worlds largest meeting place for the sector.

 "Some 15 percent of the population worldwide have no access to orthopaedic care or are insufficiently provided for. This represents around one billion people. And that is a gigantic challenge," explains Klaus-Jürgen Lotz, President of the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (Bundesinnungsverband für Orthopädie-Technik). "In order to find solutions to the problem of access to care and develop appropriate quality of treatment, we need experts from all over the world to come together and share ideas and experiences. Technical orthopaedics is all about partnership and interdisciplinary discussion. And that is something that OTWorld has managed to achieve with exemplary success. Participants have been able to experience the spirit of Join the progress at first hand and see ways of implementing it in reality."

The 2016 Congress President, Prof. Dr. Frank Braatz, also expressed his satisfaction with the popularity of the programme for the World Congress. "Particularly well received was the concentration, in the congress, on the everyday realities of treatment and care and the emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of the task, very much, as it were, by practising professionals for practising professionals."

The next OTWorld will be held from 8 to 11 May 2018 in Leipzig.

(Picture: OTWorld)