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Pedorthics: Foot disorders – foot orthoses – footwear
This textbook covers all of the aspects essential to providing pedorthic care of the foot using the most modern techniques and technologies – from the medical basics and the relevant diseases up to and including the individual production of tools. The objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive presentation of pedorthics as it exists today.

Three experts have teamed up for this: the Master pedorthist Michael Möller from Münster and two orthopedic surgeons who have more than just an academic interest in the field. One learned the trade before turning to orthopedics, the other is proud to be an honorary Master of the craft. Both aim to bring conservative and operative orthopedics together under one roof. The help of recognized specialists was enlisted for individual chapters. All in an effort to not only inspire pedorthists, but other orthopedic specialists as well.

The first German edition of the book was so popular with the inclined readership that only two years after publication, the second revised edition was published. During the revision process, authors and collaborators have done their best to critically check and review the state of their knowledge and pass it on in comprehensible form. The translation into English is based on this second edition.

This work's clear structure, more than 1,000 color illustrations and comprehensive presentation make it an ideal companion for training and daily practice.

The book takes a multidisciplinary approach: a compact and competent presentation of diseases of the foot is aligned with treatment strategies and the planning and implementation of tools such as foot orthoses, orthotic footwear and orthotic devices. Chapters on posture and movement analysis, the basics of biomechanics, physiotherapy, orthopedic and surgical operations as well as compression treatment round off the spectrum of topics. An entire chapter is dedicated to comprehensive treatment of the diabetic foot.

It is not merely practitioners and apprentices who will find answers and assistance in providing patients with pedorthic treatment in this book. Anyone involved in the prescription of orthopedic aids or who deals with the problems associated with pedorthic foot care will appreciate the book as an ideal reference. It provides all the essential information on diseases, medical treatment strategies and pedorthic treatment in concentrated form.