IVO-Congress: Focus on interdisciplinary care of the diabetic foot

Diabetic foot syndrome will be one of the main topics at the 6th ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK and IVO Congress, which will be held in Cologne on October 14 and 15, 2022. On the first day, everything will revolve around current care concepts and measurement methods in diabetes.There will be a translation service for the lectures in the congress for English, German and French. 

Paradigm shift in shoe care

Prof. Bernhard Greitemann

Two important keynote speakers have been won for the congress focus on diabetes on October 14, 2022: Prof. Bernhard Greitemann, clinic director, book author and one of the most distinguished orthopedics in the field of diabetic foot will present the risk class oriented therapy of diabetic foot syndrome in his keynote. He will also address the appropriate structures for the care of this clinical picture in specialized foot treatment facilities and interdisciplinary foot networks.

Dr. Sicco Bus

With Sicco Bus, one of the most active researchers on orthopedic shoe care for diabetic foot syndrome will present his latest studies at the congress in Cologne. The scientist from Amsterdam currently sees a paradigm shift in footwear care – away from an experience-based approach to a scientifically studied, data-based approach. From the existing scientific evidence on the diabetic foot, his research group has developed a "state-of-the-art" treatment guideline for custom orthopedic shoes and orthotics for diabetic patients with polyneuropathy. Among other things, Sicco Bus will present this algorithm and show how pressure distribution measurement can be used as a tool already in the manufacturing process to achieve the desired pressure reduction. Based on the current studies,

Jügen Stumpf

OSM Jürgen Stumpf is convinced that a system solution and data basis for shoe care in the diabetic foot could be established for the future. He will outline how a systematic, digitized fitting algorithm could both improve practical care and facilitate future studies.

New measurement methods

Prof. Stefan Sesselmann        Dr. Dirk Hochlenert

The advancement of sensor technology in recent years has also benefited diabetic foot syndrome care. Prof. Stefan Sesselmann reports on a research project in which a textile measuring sock is being developed for continuous pressure measurement. Dr. Dirk Hochlenert presents the iFoot project, in which the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and partners have developed a sensor for monitoring wound healing.

Karl-Heinz Schott                  Dr. Lakshmi Shankhdhar

In 2018, an international working group updated the footwear guidelines for diabetic foot syndrome in Australia. This included the current status of international studies and guidelines. How have the recommendations been implemented in Australian pedorthics companies in the meantime? OSM Karl-Heinz Schott provides insight. Not every country has access to all the tools developed to prevent and relieve diabetic foot ulcers. How pressure relief in developing countries can be achieved with simple tools is the subject of a presentation by Dr. Lakshmi Shankhdhar from India.

Entity concept: biomechanics and pressure relief

A research group led by Dr. Dirk Hochlenert, Cologne, Germany, has found that ulcers always occur at very specific sites on the diabetic foot. According to the so-called entity concept, one can deduce from the localization of the ulcer the respective biomechanical cause for the development of the wound. Only by treating this cause can a permanent cure be achieved and recurrence prevented.

Dr. Claudia Fischer               Dr. Hartmut Stinus                 Kai Strecker

Dr. Dirk Hochlenert introduces the concept and shows how the appropriate conservative and surgical treatment methods can be derived from the biomechanical view of the foot. Dr. Claudia Fischer, who also works according to the entity concept, shows that there is a whole range of minimally invasive surgical methods with which the diabetic foot can be relieved "internally". Dr. Hartmut Stinus talks about diabetes-related amputations of the forefoot and their orthopedic shoe care. Pedorthist Kai Strecker will talk about postoperative relief and mobilization of the diabetic foot with walkers, clamshell orthoses and the Total Contact Cast (TCC).

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