PAA-Conference 2023: Pedorthic Partnerships

Fig.: PAA

The Pedorthic Association of Australia invites to its national Pedorthic Conference 2023 from 12th – 14th October 2023. The venue will be the Esplanade Hotel in Walyalup Fremantle, Western Australia’s historic port city. Visitors can expect a high quality conference program and a pre-conference program with several workshops.

Leaning on the success from 2022, the Pedorthic Association of Australia invites professionals from across the allied health industries to learn more about pedorthics and related fields dealing with feet, footwear, and the lower limb.

This conference is the only pedorthic conference in the southern hemisphere. The Theme – Pedorthic Partnerships is supposed to encourage all participants to explore and understand the value pedorthics brings to allied health for the benefit of clients with foot health related matters.

In 2023, the goal for the Conference Organising Committee is to bring together more delegates from the full range of industries and disciplines working in foot health. Attendees from around the globe will include scientists and clinicians, retailers, students, educators, and other interested stakeholders.

3 keynote speakers will share their knowledge with attendees at the conference

Sicco Bus completed his doctoral dissertation on the structural and functional aspects of the neuropathic foot in diabetes. In his work at the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Amsterdam UMC, he leads and supervises research on lower-extremity biomechanics and injury prevention in diabetes and sports.

Cylie Williams is a clinical researcher and educator in the School of Primary and Allied Health Care at Monash University. She has extensive clinical experience in all health care settings, with a particular focus on paediatric lower limb conditions.

Sayed Ahmed is a Bangladeshi-bred Australian pedorthist, researcher and entrepreneur in the healthcare business. His experience includes over a decade in footwear and foot care. As part of his PhD project, he has conducted a multisite clinical trial in some Sydney hospitals and clinics to explore best clinical practices for diabetes-related foot ulcer management and prevention through appropriate footwear.

The pre-conference day workshops will address the following topics: Footwear Modifications,. Digital Scanning Techniques, Sensomotoric Foot Orthoses, Basics of Pedorthic Footwear Fitting, Pressure Mapping and Analysis

For more information about the program please visit the conference-Website.