Treatment Possible Through International Cooperation

Jaron lives in South Africa and is now three years old. His left foot is not fully developed and his mother cannot afford the necessary orthopaedic shoe technological treatment. Help has come from an international cooperation of health professionals that made the first treatment possible. The long term vision is to continue treating Jaron by getting even more supporters involved.

Jaron's mother was nine weeks pregnant, when she found out that she was expecting a child. At the time she was taking several drugs, amongst them also antibiotics, to treat an illness. When the antibiotics did not help treat her influenza, the doctors examined her blood and only then discovered her unplanned pregnancy. Because of her exposure to so many drugs, the mother had her doubts about carrying out the child – but the test results showed „Down syndrome negative“. However, a routine anomaly ultrasound scan at 21 weeks revealed an underdevelopment of the left foot of the fetus.

To ensure future supply, Jaron's mother relies on donations.
For this purpose, a trust account was established:
MM Du Preez
First National Bank FNB
A/C # 62154121744
Branch # 250142