Orthotics Technology Forum 2014

How do you keep up to date with new technologies and processes that are emerging in the market to design and manufacture orthotic insoles? The OTF brings together leading technology providers and academics in this area in one forum to present and discuss technologies that are available today and that are coming in the future.


This year Delcam is running two OTF events in two continents:

• OTF North America 5th - 6th June, Loyola University, Chicago, USA

• OTF Europe 18th September, Evoluon Centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The event is educational and will include hands on experience as well as contribute towards your continued professional development.

OTF North America

The 2014 North American OTF will take place in Chicago, Illinois this year at Loyola University. On June 4th OTF will be hosting an evening reception at the British Consulate-General residence in Chicago located in the heart of the city on Michigan Avenue. This special reception is only open to event attendees. Further details about the reception will be sent to registered attendees once all the details have been finalized.

The focus of the event is to demonstrate existing and emerging technologies related to the orthotics and prosthetics (O & P) market. Sessions will provide practitioners, medical clinics and laboratories with the latest in technology to automate the processes of delivering custom orthoses. In addition this is an educational event and will contribute towards your Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Delcam is pleased to announce that Dr. Peter Cavanagh, Vice Chair for Research in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at University of Washington has been confirmed as a Keynote speaker for the North American Orthotics Technology Forum (OTF).

Dr. Cavanagh's presentation subject will be 'Evidence for the Efficacy of Insoles Based on Shape and Plantar Pressure.'

Dr. Cavanagh is an Endowed Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. He has published more than 200 refereed papers, primarily on the biomechanics of the lower extremity. He is the recipient of the Muybridge Medal from the International Society of Biomechanics, The Borelli Award from the American Society of Biomechanics, and the Edward J. Olmos Award for Advocacy in Amputation Prevention. He is also a principal in DIApedia LLC, a research and development company exploring novel ways to prevent diabetic foot ulceration.

OTF Europe

The 2014 European Orthotics Technology Forum (OTF) will take place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands at the Evoluon Centre. This event is focussed on existing and emerging technologies related to the orthotic insoles industry. Previous events attracted over 100 attendees from 13 different countries worldwide.

This year’s European event is being run alongside The Dutch Society of Podiatry (NVvP) Annual Congress which is an event for high level clinical discussion being held on 19th September. By bringing the two events together on consecutive days in the same venue, delegates have the unique opportunity to attend two days of presentations, discussions and hands on workshops covering both clinical and technological topics.

OTF´s guest speakers are leading the way in developing and using different types of technology, from hardware devices to help measure biomechanical features, pressure and anatomical form, CAD-CAM tools for plasterless manufacture, as well as new ideas for increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

As with past events Delcam is expecting speakers and attendees to travel from around the world making this a unique global experience.

Further information: www.orthotics-technology-forum.com