Global Survey: WHO Priority Assistive Products List (APL)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is conducting a survey about assistive products. The survey is open to all stakeholders and in particular to those that use assistive products, potential users and their families. It is likewise open to professionals that treat / supply / fit and manufacture those assistive products. Aim of the survey is to establish a list of the 50 top assistive products. Such a list will help WHO member countries, including your government, in their legislation and health care planning to make those products available to those that will need it.

To get products like foot orthoses, footwear for diabetes/neuropathic foot and orthopaedic shoes or foot­wear in general in WHOs Priority ­Assistive Products List (APL), it is ­necessary that many give there vote for those products. For that you just have to tick maximum 16 products in the survey which you consider important – the ones on „Mobility“ are listet in the first section.

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