Textbook for pedorthics published in Japanese

The textbook „Orthopädieschuhtechnik“ (Pedorthics) by Baumgartner, Möller, Stinus has now also been published in Japanese. In cooperation with C. Maurer Fachmedien the Japanese scientific publishing house Igaku Shoin had the translation done based on the second edition of the book and has now published the book for the Japanese market under the patronage of the Japanese professional association for pedorthics, „IVO Japan“.


Already last year the English edition of the book was successfully published under the title „Pedorthics“. This shows that not only in Germany but also in other countries people waited for a topical and extensive textbook on pedorthics.

The demand for specialist literature is big in Japan. Last year the book „Gait analysis in practise“ by Dr. Oliver Ludwig was published in Japan, also in cooperation between C. Maurer Fachmedien and Igaku Shoin.

The cooperation with Japanese publishing houses has had a long tradition for C. Maurer. Already the textbook by Prof. Wolfgang Marquardt „The theoretic basics of pedorthics“ was published in Japanese in the 1970ies. Also two authors of the textbook, Prof. René Baumgarter and Dr. Hartmut Stinus, are quite known in Japan. Their joint book “The pedorthic treatment of the foot“ has also been published in Japanese.

The english Edition of Pedorthics can be ordered here.